What I have learned from NTFM…

wilf-logoSo as the saying goes…all good things come to an end, and this has certainly been a good thing! I’ve enjoyed the NTFM module and writing my weekly blog far more than I ever thought I would!

1o weeks ago my class was given the daunting task of having to write a weekly blog on a topic of our lecturer’s choice. At first I was a little apprehensive. I always wanted to give blogging a go, but did I really want to be blogging about Filter Bubbles or Mobile Apps?! I proved myself wrong!!!

 I have learned so much from NTFM…..I’ve learned that I am addicted to Twitter, and Facebook has taken over my life..but, I’ve also learned that by 2015 mobile apps will have generated 37.5 million in revenue and there are no signs of it slowing down, 1 out of 8 minutes spent online is spent on Facebook, that Google takes into account 57 individual data points before serving you the results you searched for and that ASOS.com is top of the rankings for its all encompassing media presence.  digital-marketing-pic

I am also now a fan of Ted Talks! My lecturer is a BIG fan of them and every week we watched 2 or 3 based on the topic we were covering! At time the thought of watching a 20 minute talk on mobile marketing was enough to put  us to sleep, and our lecturer admitted she “may have banged the Ted Talks drum a little too hard” but I’m glad she did!! I’ve seen how the simplest and smallest idea’s can be the most effective, they are the idea’s that spawn into something amazing! Here is one of my favourites.. 

Thanks to my NTFM module I now see that I can combine my passion for fashion and my love for social media and digital marketing, social media is in fact changing the face of the fashion industry. So, fingers crossed, this won’t be the last you’ll hear from me! It’s not goodbye…it’s see you later…..





twitter addiction

Sound like you?? It’s easy to fall into the trap of spending an hour reading and writing tweets before you realize you just meant to reply to your boss’s email or start your college assignment. Twitter is an addictive social information machine. You use it to chat to friends and old acquaintances,  follow tops exec’s in the same industry as you or to get the latest information on breaking news. It’s a platform for people of all ages, interests and cultures.

I use Twitter constantly, all day every day, from the moment I wake up to the last minutes before I go to sleep. It’s not unusual for me to check Twitter on my phone before opening the curtains in the morning, and I usually do a few last refreshes while tucked up in bed at night before going to sleep. On numerous occasions I have been victim to a a rather sore iPhone falling flat on my face while lying in bed, engrossed in Harry Style’s latest Twitter offering . I have the Twitter app open on my phone 24 hours a day. I use Twitter during meals, while I’m waiting for a lecture to start, when I go for walks with my friends and when travelling on buses and trains. I don’t read when I sit down to relax, I refresh that Twitter feed. Addicted-to-Twitter

Everything about it provides instant, constant gratification. Ever heard of the f5 syndrome? The desire to repeatedly refresh a webpage or app? Nothing satisfies this better than Twitter. The 140 character limit means it takes seconds to contribute or notify. Checking for replies, the thrill of coming up with witty and banterful hashtags or seeing how many favourites your last tweet got..it’s all part of the addiction. Once your on the inside of the universally addictive social medium of Twitter, leaving can be very difficult.

The addiction has been compared to the likes of cigarettes and alcohol, just read this medical study on the matter. Twitter definitely affects my work, it distracts me and disturbs my concentration. If I’m checking Twitter every few minutes I can’t write that assignment properly. Does Twitter affect my time with friends and family? Yes.. We all may be sitting on the couch watching a movie, but I’ll be staring at my phone until bedtime.

However Twitter can have a positive effect on the world too, take a look…

Take this quiz and see how addicted to Twitter you really are!!!

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Surfing the Web in a Filter Bubble…

filter bubble I never think of myself surfing the web inside a filter bubble when I’m on my favourite sites like YouTube and the DailyMail, I didn’t even know much about what a filter bubble really was until I started reading some articles on it. I always knew my web experience was somewhat customised based on my past browsing history and certain sites I have visited, but not to the extent and level that I now know is far deeper and far reaching then I suspected.

The correct definition of a filter bubble is “…a result state in which a website algorithm selectively guesses what information a user would like to see based on information about the user (such as location, past click behaviour and search history) and, as a result, users become separated from information that disagrees with their viewpoints, effectively isolating them in their own cultural or ideological bubbles”  The term was coined by internet activist Eli Pariser, in his book by the same name.

Did you know that Google takes into account 57 individual data points before serving you the results you searched for?…..Me neither!!! Facebook contributes things to read and friends’ status updates, Google personally tailors your search queries, and Yahoo News and Google News tailor your news. Google shows us what they think we want to see, not necessarily what we actually want to see or need to see. We don’t decide what gets in to our filter bubble and, as Eli Pariser stated as a huge problem, we also don’t get to see what gets edited out.

After watching one of Eli Pariser talks on the filter bubble and reading an interview with him, hearing exactly how it works, I started to think.. what about my privacy? What about what I want? Is Google limiting me and then using this information without my consent? And to a certain extent, yes, I was annoyed! I don’t think companies such as Google and Yahoo have the right to use information gathered on me based on things I search on the web, it may not necessarily reflect my true interests and tastes, I don’t feel they should edit things out they don’t think are relevant to me or they think I don’t want to see…customise my results so I see one results page and my friend see’s their own version? But then I remember I share so much of myself online through photo’s, statuses and video’s for all to see, comment on and like. I choose to share this information..of my own free will! So do I have the right to get annoyed when the likes of Facebook then allow themselves the right to use this information?……..No, I really don’t!


What’s your Favourite High Street Brand?

Is Facebook taking over our lives???


I am a social media addict and I’m not afraid to admit it…cause chances are so are you!!! Facebook has taken over my life and 1 billion others lives too!  It’s part and parcel of our daily lives, the phrases “Add me as a friend”, “Did you see her status” and “I liked your photo” are now all commonly used in our day to day language. We use it to check current news, see what are friends are up to or even to stalk some hottie we saw in college!

Facebook has over 900 million active users worldwide, that’s more people than there is in the United States. And 500 million of those are active mobile users, which means they can log in whenever and wherever they are. My Facebook is constantly signed in on my phone, I never logout..never EVER, cause god forbid I would miss something! I also have notifications turned on, so I am messaged instantly if someone comments on my wall, likes a photo or private messages me! I don’t want to be out of the loop for one minute, and that’s what Facebook has turned me into, someone with a severe case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out, for all of you not in the know). I check my Facebo0k every couple of hours, AT LEAST, scrolling up and down my newsfeed, over and over, liking, commenting, reading, STALKING.  1 out of 8 minutes spent online is spent on Facebook and we know now more about people lives we barely know than our own families. I can tell you what 50% of my friends list did yesterday and that’s with just the touch of an icon!


And its not just individuals lives who have been taken over so dramatically, the business world now depends on it too. 77% of customers interact with brands via Facebook and 77% of marketers acquire new customers through Facebook. President Obama used it to get elected, Dell uses it to hire new employees and Microsoft’s operating system borrows from it. Just have a look at this article and see how fast and how much our world now revolves around it.

I’m off to check my newsfeed…again!

Blog ya later

The App is dead! Long live Mobile Marketing!!!

app-vs-webAs you can see from the above title my blog this week is concerning the mobile app versus the mobile site. To be honest I never really thought about it too much until my lecturer brought it up last week in class and showed us a few talks on the debate, but after mulling it over I would have to disagree, the app is far from dead!

So as one the 1 billion plus smartphone users around the world I decided to have a look through my iphone and see exactly how many apps I have downloaded. I have counted over 60 apps on my phone…I may not use all of them daily but I have over 60! They range from the usual social media’s, Facebook and twitter, instagram (my biggest obsession) to fashion apps like ASOS, River Island and Vogue and apps such as the Mail Online and 8 tracks. Out of the 60 plus apps I have downloaded, being honest, I use 5 of them on a daily basis. But I feel this is the whole point of an app, it’s there sitting on your interface looking  back at you, waiting to be tapped on whenever your ready to, whatever you need! Just have a read of this article on Mashable, 85% of people said they would rather go without water than their mobile apps and I would have to agree. I feel the whole purpose of an app is to download it for use at a later date. I have apps on my phone that include the” Blackbook Los Angeles” which gives me a list of the top shops and restaurants to go to on the off chance I might nip over for a visit, or my “YouTube Capture” app for the moment I decide to become a fashion and beauty vlogger!!!

Apps are easy and fun to use and their always available for you whenever you need them…you can’t say that about too many things?!!

By 2015 mobile apps will have generated 37.5 million in revenue and there are no signs of it slowing down. Were only in the initial stages of what apps are going to be able to bring to the table, its only onwards and upwards from here! Have a look at this video, The Future of Mobile Apps, for all the latest figures and statistics.

Blog ya later!


Blogging Begins

I am a third year student in Cork Institute of Technology where I study all things marketing!! So my blogs will be centred around social media and digital marketing. I’ve started this blog as part of my new technologies module in college, but truth be told I’ve always wanted to start my own blog and see what the fuss was all about..so now I have the perfect excuse, and here it begins!

I am a social media addict with a passion for all things fashion so I hope this will come through in my blogs..if your interested in any of the above then stick around cause just maybe…hopefully..you’ll find something interesting in what I have to say.